Montecarlo Offshore


Completely manufactured in carbon fibre and composite materials of the highest quality, the Montecarlo Offshore structure has been designed to offer the highest level of comfort without compromising its essential sport profile.
The hull, with a total length of 10 meters, has been developed starting from the excellent base point of the original one and has received a further improvement thanks to comprehensive studies in hydrodynamics.
The engines can comprise either two Mercury petrol power packs developing 320 hp or two Yanmar diesel power packs developing 315 hp which, also due to the lightness of their carbon structure, allow to reach a top speed of 55 knots.
With an eye towards conserving weight the entire control console has been fleshed out in aeronautical grade aluminium.
Refuelling nozzles and vents have been entirely made in titanium.
The best nautical teak, coupled with high quality leatherwork, has been used for the deck and the interior fittings.
Instrumentation is completely digital, while the steering wheel is the product of world renown Moto-lita, a historic supplier for Aston Martin.